Those of you who have seen this statement

in the past know what the next 2 words are:”and foreclose.” Yep, I got the dreaded letter from
BOA last week. My last mortgage payment was in November. I have to come up with the $1682 I’m behind, plus another $862 for the February
payment – all by Feb 24. I was hoping that a) I’d find a job, and b) they wouldn’t act so quickly. Hell of a time for them to get
EFFICIENT, huh? I apparently don’t qualify for any of their forbearance programs for one reason or another. So unless something
drastic happens(or I take actions which may cause me legal problems), I probably won’t have a house next month. How does foreclosure work,
anyway? Do you just come home one day to find the property padlocked, and all your crap out by the curb? Or do they give you a reasonable
opportunity to move out first?