My thoughts

Dh told me last night that he knew the owner was already pretty pissed about all the mess this new comptroller has created and he had a feeling she wasn’t going to be long for the company. My thoughts last night, after looking at the program they are using for timesheets and payroll that the programmer needs to go back to school. The four hour difference, by my estimates last night was because they have set it up to be 40 hour work weeks before OT which is a normal set-up, however because of the change in paydays the weeks per pay period are not always going to end on a 40 week—ex: this pay period. Instead of fixing it where it would go ahead and calculate the ot per the actual pay period they calculated it on 40 hours. The last week of the pay period was 36 hours so the program rolled the ot to regular hours.I told both guys I figured they’d get the 4 hours ot next pay check. This morning dh went to his immediate boss and pointed out all the mess of the “new” pay stub. Who took it on up the food chain. The bosses were NOT amused with the mess that had been created. The comptroller told dh my deductions were correct and the four hours would be on next pay day. The owner is NOT happy at all with this mess because he could get in trouble with the fair wage and hour board if such issues keep coming up. So dh and ds will eventually get paid for the ot, it just will be another 15 days before they do. Neither is happy. They don’t like this woman personally and her messing with the pay checks is not winning them, or anyone else, over for certain. Me, being the never ending Pollyanna pointed out to them that the next pay period will be for 82 hours (but due to this mess will be 78 regular hours) and the one after that for 80 so having the little extra on the 82/78 hour check will be nice (this check was suppose to have been 98 hours straight time and was actually 102—try budgeting with such wild fluctuations, it’s interesting to say the least).
Dh’s next grumble was they informed him yesterday they are getting ready to send “teams” traveling again to do walk downs. He HATES doing that, and ds is not too happy either.Oh well, it will all wash out eventually.Richard who did pay extra on BOA today due to the overtime they did get paid in OK