Its funny in response you hit on these 3 topics…

as they have all come into play in my life with the same person in the last week or 2. And while Im still friends with her I could see how it could have been a really bad thing.
She is really getting into the healthy eating and has the time & money to invest in non GMO foods & all that kind of stuff. I suppose I could find the time and the money if I scrimped on other things or cut from the snowball. But her kids are grown & mine are still little. I don’t feel the need to completely cut all sugar, go all organic, make everything from scratch, go all white chicken breast, etc. But then she turns around and gets coffees with all the fancy creamers. Shaking my head but to each their own. I concentrate on teaching my kids portion sizes, healthier choices, all things in moderation. Neither is right nor wrong for anyone, just a different outlook. But she is still trying to convince me. Then the homeschool / public school. She always homeschooled all 3 kids, we have talked about it but my kids really need the structure of the school & with the adhd, I have trouble keeping them on track for homework I have no idea how we would get through a full school day. But she says oh its so much easier as its less hours of actual learning & stuff. The kids have known homeschooled kids & they prefer to go to school with other friends.. they don’t really have any friends outside of school. With the move & the new school/ teachers they have gone from C/D and B/C students to A/B. And those are actually high B almost A. So I think this is really working for us. But she is set in her ways.
Recently we went shopping and I got a few great deals with my blow money. Like a tea chest that holds 72 fancy individual teas for only 5.00 and that’s one of those really nice wooden ones like for fancy teas in the movies. I’ve been making them as fancy iced teas for me time & the kids are loving them. She bought a ton of things, but I didn’t think much about it. Shes a good 10 to 15 years older than I am, her kids are grown, she’s retired, the hubby is working. They can do as they wish with their money. Well a few days ago her car was repoed. They spent all the paycheck for the month, yes monthly pay, to get it back but now they can not pay any bills, buy gas or food. I think they have a credit card & they are applying for a loan to get them through. I have said something in the past about paying things off and she said they were too. But I don’t know.
I wasn’t really happy after that homeschool/ food stuff she basically lectured me on. And I didn’t say much about the money stuff, her hubby is giving her enough grief over it, yet he takes no management responsibility for it, just I make plenty of money & Im choosing to spend it here & there. While she manages the rest, pays for things for the grown kids, and struggles to make it all work. I don’t want to sound like a know it all when I really don’t know. But it breaks my heart that she is in this spot.