In a great way !!

So….My Day starts with my Blog & tweets being followed by the Anchor & Editor in Chief of, and who is a regular contributor to Town Hall, The Blaze and a few others….(yeah, I know I could be dumped at any time, but for RIGHT NOW, it’s BIG
Then, my Alma Mater finally solved a 30 year old graduation problem, and will be sending my diploma post haste. That matters because it means my kids get to go to university for $5,800 a year versus $20k a year !!! Cha Ching! (yeah, I can’t even send them to local 4 year universities near here, where they could commute for $5.800 a year!)
THEN, the doctor I’ve been taking DD16 to, says, (while she’s there), I really need to see her every couple of days if treatment is going to be effective. I’m like dude, I just dropped $1,000. I cannot afford to do that, that’s why we’re booking every 2 weeks when we get paid. He goes, yeah, I’ve been thinking about that. Aren’t you like the best genealogist in the world? My DD pipes in: yes, she is. He goes “HOW ABOUT WE TRADE OUT? I REALLY WANT TO GET MY GENEALOGY DONE !!
Holy smokes, what blessing. That is $150 A WEEK worth of care !!
PLUS, can you say BYE BYE KOHLS and BYE BYE HOUSEHOLD credit cards? I paid minimums on everything else, and when the dust settles this weekend, I will figure out what else we can pay off; I’m thinking Home Depot.
AND we made it through the last 2 weeks. A slight irony (if you remember the NetFlix drama), DH lost his wallet, so I had to shut down his Visa/Check card. That’s the card tied into NetFlix and Hulu. So of course, they haven’t been able to charge against it, and won’t be able to until the replacement cards show! So he couldn’t even hew and cry, because it was HIS FAULT. (Not that I had the money to pay for it anyway.)
AND AND, I started teaching Foreign Language classes FOR MONEY today. That’s $100 a month, maybe $150 if another person decides she wants to do it. I’m going to bill them through Paypal rather than have them write me a check or pay cash, because that is money I can’t easily access, so it will just sit there and grow into a BEF.