Back when they informed us they were changing our pay dates

I asked how they were going to work overtime on the pay checks since the number of hours would vary each pay period and it would no longer be set 40 hour work weeks for a pay check. They told us there would be no problems, that nothing would change with the overtime payment.Boy were they wrong.Dh and ds got their first paychecks with OT on them today since the new change over. They had each worked 20.5 hours ot that should have been paid on this check. Here’s how their hours were listed on their paychecks:

Week one regular hours 62 hours

Week one overtime hours 8 hours

Week two regular hours 40 hours

Week two overtime hours 8.5 hours
Okay anyone see a problem with this setup? We sure did. How does one work 62 regular hours in a 40 hour work week and get paid for only 8 hours ot? The pay period was to be from the 16th through the 31st so there should have been 2.5 weeks not 2. And then there is the shortage of four over time hours on each of their paychecks. We figure it’s because the “new program” they are using counted this last week as a 40 hour week when it should have been a 36 hour week on this pay period and four hours for the next pay period. Very confusing. Long and short of it, the guys each got shorted 4 hours OT and they are talking to the boss tomorrow. If they aren’t going to get paid properly for the OT they won’t be doing it.I’m pretty sure it’s the 36/40 work week thing and the OT will show up on the next pay check, but it does put me just a little shorter in the budget than I’d planned on for this paycheck so I’m off to tweak that sucker yet again. Jan who can’t wait to be like Keisha and announce she’s debt free in OK