All you can do is to walk the walk

They know what you’re doing and if they have questions or decide upon a lifestyle change, they know where you are. This is like talking to someone about the poor food choices they make, the schools they send their children to or anything else that really is not any of your business. From my own experience, I’ve given many, many copies of TMMO to other people. Most people could care less. Someone who is closely related to me just decided to refinance their mortgage. They are now excited to be paying 3.6% on a new refi just so they could pull some cash out and make less than 1% in a savings account. When this was pointed out to them, they just shrugged their shoulders and said they would always have a mortgage. Always. Their plan was to have a mortgage as long as they breathed air so they could keep extra funds in their pockets. You can’t argue with stupidity (you certa inly can’t call this example ignorance). You can’t criticize your friends and tell them SS is not a retirement plan; they don’t see it that way and it’s doubtful that you’ll convince them otherwise. Until they fall into a hole, your opinion will be nothing to them, and the best example you can be for them, is to continue doing exactly what you and your dh are doing. One thing I’ve learned over this lifetime is that people do not appreciate, nor rarely follow, unsolicited advice.