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There was a day when companies would advertise in centralized places

such as the classifieds, job recruiters, etc. But I’ve seen a growing number of articles and comments that a lot of those jobs don’t ever make it to such centralized listings anymore. They’re advertised on the company’s own website and that’s sufficient to bring in enough applicants, that the company doesn’t have to pay for the extra listings. Remember that employers have to pay folks like Monster.com and recruiters to post their job openings. For every job opening that can be filled on the company’s own website, that’s money saved.
I’m sure you can figure out some of the major employers in your area and start haunting their website. But you can also go to your larger regional libraries, and check with their reference section for a government list of all companies doing business in your ZIP code, town, county or region. I wish I remembered the name of that publication, but I don’t. But every company which is open for business within any given ZIP code is listed in this publication, under an industry classification rather than alphabetically. And this is NOT the phone book which folks have to pay to be included in. This is a government publication to show which businesses are licensed to do business in each area. So for instance, I could go down to the county library (not my nearest branch, but the main branch), and look in that book to see every single veterinarian, or bakery, or refinery, or dentist, or machine shop, or whatever, in my county. Once you have that book in hand, pick out the industries you have some experience in and/or enjoy, then categorically write down all the companies engaged in that industry and start with them. But also look for all the businesses which would have call centers or customer service departments, such as the businesses listed so far. It makes for interesting reading, because most folks will have no idea the diversity of businesses operating within their own neighborhood. That could be a very good “jumpstart” for your job search, to go to the employers’ own websites instead of searching through listings they have to pay for.