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It has been a super great week for us

After we paid off the house we had always planned to pay off DH’s sister’s funeral bill. She died very suddenly with no insurance awhile back and her daughter was in college. It has been two years and no payments had been made recently. The debt wasn’t our debt but, it was important to us. We wanted to help his niece. She is going to college and doing a great job with her life. Well, I wrote the check and mailed it in. This morning hubby’s niece informs me it was just paid in full ! The funeral home is returning our money no problem. So, we got to buy our kiddos the stuff to build a 25 ft long wood swing set. Toysrus has a BOGO 50% off sale going on. Another person ordered the rest of what we needed through their work for us at their cost savings us a lot. We had a slide. Another friend is putting it all together for us at a REALLY fair price. The wood we got with a lowe’s coupon. Grand total $450