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Enterprise *used* to allow people to use a debit card

Let me rephrase that – the managers had leeway to waive the CC rule. But a few years ago, the corporate office took away the ability of the managers to look at their customers and make their own decisions. From then on, you can’t use a debit card without jumping through hoops of stupidity…

Posted by gbmonline on

We just muddled through without wheels for a few days

with my DH running errands for me, until a loaner car became available through the fixit shop. And a few weeks after that whole fiasco, we learned that the local U-haul place will very cheerfully work with anyone with a debit card, no problem. So anytime we need to rent wheels in the future, and we typically need either a truck or a van anyway, we’ll talk to U-haul.Enterprise can take their stuffy gotta-have-it business rules and do without our patronage.

I do want to thank everyone for their comments on this topic. I was getting all wound up to go lecture them on the evils of their ways. Reading through some of the comments tonight made me realize I really would have been out of line. Sometimes good intentions can lead us in less than helpful directions. We’ll keep living the DR life, paying stuff off, building retirement, living our quiet nutty little lives, and if they ever see some value in that, they’ll ask us. At which time they’ll be receptive. Until then, I could talk until I was blue in the face and it wouldn’t reach them anyway. Thanks for the reality check.