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For instance, when I was trying to rent a car while my truck was down last year

I mentioned to the husband of that couple that Enterprise won’t rent to people who don’t have credit cards. It was a passing comment along the lines of “my day is not going well.” And this is after numerous comments we’ve made about how we’re so pleased to be getting our financial lives in order, so I was speaking in terms of it being a minor inconvenience in the face of large-scale improvements. As soon as I mentioned not being able to rent the car because I didn’t have a credit card, the husband reacted strongly. He said something to the effect of “oh my gosh, it’s stupid not to have a credit card, how do you live? Why are you so willing to inconvenience yourself when it’s so obvious what the solution is? No responsible adult is without a credit card and anyone who says otherwise is doing you a disservice.” And the conversation sorta went downhill from there. And when we choose to spend money on things like pantry items, farm equipment, or put it into savings, we’re “wasting” it, and we should go out and “live a little”.After all, credit cards exist purely to make life FUN.

Like I said, about as anti-DR as you can possibly get. I suspect anything I said would in fact be taken exactly as you suggested – that I would be calling their money management stupid just like they called our money management stupid. Probably best to just leave it alone, since they are not only not interested, but actively criticize our own efforts to build a solid financial future. I know we’ve talked about that before, but it’s still hard to watch. I was just sorta hoping that someone had the “baa ram ewe” password so that they’d listen.