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You already know the saga of the paycheck

As of Friday the comptroller was saying she wasn’t going to change anything and that no one should be upset about it, that after all it’s “extra” money and therefore they shouldn’t bank on it until they get it. Which is correct, what she’s overlooking is it is THEIR money and they shouldn’t have to wait for it. Dh said over half the company is pretty dadburn upset about it. So we’ll see how long she sticks to it.

He also said there are two men he knows of (NOT him and ds) that have already been looking for jobs elsewhere and both have said that if it doesn’t straighten up by the time they leave they are considering calling fair wage and hour because of the withholding of the overtime. So the drama around all that at work was a little taxing to say the least to dh and ds.

I had the gall to come down with the punies for the better part of the weekend, but other than being a little weak I’m much better now. Of course the guys weren’t sure what to do when Mom is down and out, but we all survived thanks to the fact they are both good cooks and ds saved the kitchen. I rewarded them last night with spaghetti, meatballs, garlic bread, iced tea (no sugar), a salad and cherry turnovers made from scratch for dinner. Of course the weakness nearly got me at the last bit so they ended up finishing the garlic toast and draining the pasta. The meal was wonderful, but it did tax my strength to put it together. Tomorrow I’ll be back at top notch though.

Ds came down with whatever it was I had over the weekend late last night and just called to say he’s on his way home from work. So I’ll have to go back to get dh this evening.

Dh finished our taxes and I’m celebrating, we ONLY owe $1,800 total for state and fed. I know some of you are gasping air over that, while others are saying “lucky” but we had to pay in over $3,700 last year so we cut it in half! That is exciting to me. I’ve already got about $500 budgeted out this last overtime for it and dh says the overtime is getting ready to start again, plus it looks like both he and ds are going to be traveling for work soon. So we should (if Murphy stays away) have it all before April 12 when we will mail the payments.
Dh said that Turbo Tax said to not change the deductions any so the paycheck will stay the same (whatever that is). Since we’ve all agreed about not doing the mystery shops next year’s taxes should be even better with the technically lower income. They will definitely be a whole lot faster to do with not having to figure the deductions for fuel, depreciation, ink, paper, clothing etc.

The mystery shopping companies are not amused that I’m quitting on them, because the three of us were practically the only ones who do this area. They want to pay a LOT more, then we MIGHT talk, but not likely. We are all liking me not having to jump and run in the middle of a project to go do a job or 20. I won’t burn any bridges with the companies because you never know what life hands you, but I won’t do enough this year to require filing taxes in 2014.

With the taxes finished our minds are rolling on to the next project. Dh has the designs for the can rotators and step shelf for my pantry nearly completed and it looks like those may get build this coming weekend. I certainly hope so because with the pantry all torn apart things are pretty messy in the dining room and finding the ingredients to cook a meal is a major Easter egg hunt right now.

On the agenda for me to do this week is to calculate the cost of putting in the garden this year. We need several layers of “soil” added to the Lasagna Garden and so I need to do a cost analysis of the various ways to do that and the budget impact of putting in versus what we will get out of it. Since I’ll be home and not doing the shops any more I can better tend it. but if we have another drought year…. So I’ll be doing research heavily this week.

I also need to start seed germination testing, garden layout planning and of course removing the geese from the garden planning. So that will take a good deal of my time.
I plan on doing a lot of blogging this week too, so everyone stay tuned and watch for changes in my signature line.